I am currently providing in-person and online therapy
I am currently providing in-person and online therapy
  • Professional Testimonials

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    Dr. Gabe Casher

    “I highly recommend Dr. Hanley to any individuals or families needing support. She is a well-rounded clinician with an approachable style that is well suited for work with children, adults, or families. I also value her sensitivity and attention to family and cultural dynamics. I am glad to count Dr. Hanley as one of my trusted colleagues.”

    ~ Gabe Casher, Ph.D., Colleague and Clinical Licensed Psychologist in Colorado

    Dr. David Shanley

    “I highly recommend Dr. Hanley for child, family and couples’ therapy. Her warm approach helps clients address their issues effectively and make the changes they are seeking. ”

    ~ David Shanley, Psy.D., Former Supervisor and Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Colorado

    Dr. Julie Badaracco

    “Dr. Hanley is a phenomenal psychologist. She has expertise in working with young children, families, and couples. She is a warm clinician who is focused on her client’s well-being and is genuinely invested in her client’s growth and healing. I highly recommend contacting Dr. Hanley if you are ready to take the next step to improve your well-being!”

    ~ Julie Badaracco, Psy.D., Colleague and Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California