I am currently providing in-person and online therapy
I am currently providing in-person and online therapy
  • Parent Support & Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

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    Parenting is a life-long vocation that demands nurturing, attention, and patience. With your hope and vision of full, blooming, beautiful flowers in your garden, you plant seeds, give water and food, and pull weeds. The challenge is to create an optimal condition for their growth. Like an individual plant that requires different amount of sun, water, and nutrients, each child is unique; temperament, personality, strengths differ from one child to another. It is helpful to get support from a child psychologist to increase your knowledge on your child’s developmental needs that are unique to their developmental stages, such as early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. As children get older, what they need from you change and parenting techniques change accordingly. It is also useful to understand why children act in certain ways and how to deal with their undesirable behaviors when they occur (e.g, tantrums, aggression, yelling).

    Parenting is not only learning about your child, but also about you. It is a process of learning your own history, triggers, and inherent strengths as a unique individual. I will assist you in increasing your self-understanding and promoting your personal growth through parenting support. For instance, using parent-child interaction therapy I will identify triggers that often lead to cycles of negative child-parent interactions, and help parents break this cycle by supporting a new way of interacting with your child.

    All parents encounter challenges at some point. Early intervention is key in supporting your child’s adaptability and resilience. Investing your time will help your child to bloom and thrive.