I am currently providing in-person and online therapy
I am currently providing in-person and online therapy
  • "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go." ~Ruminator

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    About Dr. Atsuko Hanley

    I am a licensed child and family psychologist in Denver.
    After gaining clinical experience and training with children and adults for the last 15 years, I have developed my own practice with a mission of helping people foster deeper, meaningful connections to themselves, others, and the world. In my practice, I offer space where children, teens, and their caregivers can embrace their unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and acquire the necessary tools to reach  their fullest potential.

    I believe everyone is born with inherent strengths. Yet, in the midst of life’s challenges, we often feel vulnerable and defeated, as if we have lost our physical and mental capacity to cope with adversities. In truth, no matter how powerless and helpless we feel, there is hope. I have personally and professionally experienced and witnessed that personal growth and life transformations can occur when we embrace our strengths and vulnerabilities.

    With great compassion and empathy, I am committed to creating a secure, nurturing place where you feel heard, seen, and understood. I will attentively listen to your stories and reflect on your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. This process helps you to access your inner wisdom and discover patterns that do not serve your well-being. No one needs to struggle alone; I will walk alongside you on your journey.

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